About us

Swansea Oh Swansea Fanzine has gone from strength to strength since publishing its first issue, a free 24-page magazine back in January 2010.

In the issues since the launch night, the price may have changed (come on, £1 isn’t bad) and page numbers have gone up, but the focus on quality content and exclusive interviews hasn’t.

We’ve spoken to Swans legends and Wales internationals past and present, discussed burning issues of the day, and looked back at the not-so publicised off-field events of the last few decades.

We’ve highlighted the most important turning points in the Swans’ history, written in-depth features and welcomed guest columnists to a publication that prides itself on being more than just a fanzine.

“We’re independent like a fanzine, but have the quality content and feature interviews of a monthly magazine.”
Steven Carrol, Editor

Got something to say?

We’re always on the lookout for talented writers to join our team, local businesses looking to advertise or the views of readers on what we do and how we can improve. If you’d like to get in touch, please use the form below:

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