Three Things

By Phil Dempster

For those that are unaware of Three Things its something I’ve done on Facebook for all the games I attend each season. 

It started after that crushing 3-1 defeat to Spurs after we were 1-0 up on 89/90 minutes.  My Facebook post was “Three Things we didn’t deserve that, I hate football and good job I don’t have a cat” obviously I would never kick a cat it was just a turn of phrase.  After that I got people asking for more three things and it became a thing.  

It’s just my initial opinion on the game anyway here’s my season review hope you enjoy it.

Well most Swans fans thought this would be a transitional season and that’s exactly what it was, high’s and low’s, we played some great football at times but were also predictable and masters of our own downfall on far too many occasions. #

Personally I’ve been quite patient with Russell Martin’s approach this season, however several away performances like Sheffield United, Forest, Hull and Bournemouth tested my patience along with several home ones, fortunately I missed the Forest home game as was isolating after Covid.

I enjoy the possession based football, the title winning season of 2007/8 under Roberto Martinez was one of my favourite season’s following the Swans. However it’s clear we don’t have the players or depth to play it consistently well, especially against the top teams e.g. against the top six we only picked up seven points and conceded thirty three goals. The only team in the top six we any any joy against was Huddersfield who we picked up four points against and conceded only once. 

The January transfer window was poor and bar Wolf and Christie weakened the depth of the squad. Let’s hope its a means to an end.

Finally we have to remember the highs the “Doube” and doubles over West Brom, Bristol City and Coventry where we played some great stuff.

For me our player of the season was Mr consistency Kyle Naughton with admirable mentions for Downes, Piroe and Obafemi who were great signings and Grimes.  I still think Cabango is our best defender and improved under Martin’s style throughout the season. The table never lies and 15th is exactly where we are, now lot of work lies ahead this summer. COYS.

My regular three things will continue on Facebook with an additional regular article in SOS