Deadline Day becomes Disaster Day

I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t actually been that annoyed with the Swans this summer as I thought I’d be. The appointment of Graham Potter along with the revelation that he’d be in charge of transfers indicated to me that we’d learnt something from the previous two shambolic seasons which inevitably saw us relegated in the end.

Players were inevitably going to be sold as a result of us dropping into the Championship and the World Cup and early shutting of the transfer window were always going to make things tough. Given that this club needed a massive rebuild I wasn’t expecting us to do all the business that we needed in this window either. Rome wasn’t in a day after all.

But what has left me absolutely furious is that we’ve waited until transfer deadline day to sell players for knockdown prices and even worse we’ve not bothered replacing them. Yes I know the loan window doesn’t shut yet but we aren’t half limiting the pool of players we can bring in by going down that route.

The understanding I had was that Sam Clucas and Jordan Ayew would be sold and that money would then be used to bring in Ryan Woods from Brentford and any other business Potter may have wanted to do

Only that hasn’t happened Clucas has been sold for £6million (which shows what an abysmal piece of business signing him for £17million a year ago) and it says a lot that he hasn’t even gone back to the top flight. Jordan Ayew meanwhile has gone on loan so no fee there just a wage saving. Then we had the real kick in the teeth when Fede Fernandez was sold to Newcastle and with Jordi Amat returning to Spain we will be left with one senior centre half in Mike Van Der Hoorn.

This is an absolute disgrace and nothing more than asset stripping. How can we be expected to compete when we are severely depleted in such a key area of the pitch? It’s not even as if we sold for good money, £6million for a first choice centre half is crap! Plus it was way too late to do the deal. We should have taken a leaf out of Aston Villa’s book. They’d had enough of Spurs taking ages to reach their asking price for Jack Grealish and in the end told them the deal was off as it was too close to deadline day.

Our midfield also needed strengthening with Clucas departing. Potter had made it known he really wanted Woods yet we wouldn’t stump up the cash, even though we had more than enough coming in from the other deals to cover it. Instead we’ve had to make do with Declan John, which does finally give us cover at left back. But we now have as many players in that position as centre half, which tells us that we had far bigger priorities.

It’s unbelievable that Huw Jenkins remains in his position after recent revelations in court let alone the financial mess he’s put us into and the pathetic transfer dealings he’s overseen as director of football. Sadly I see no hope of him going. Levien and Kaplan have put him in-between the fans and themselves as the fall guy. If Jenkins was to go then they would be the ones in the firing line and they clearly want Jenkins to be that person so they get an easier ride.

Today is the straw that has broken the camel’s back for me. We now know that Swansea City has become an asset stripping exercise to our owners and until they leave it’s very difficult to see how our once great club will progress again.

After last Saturday’s win at Sheffield United there was a new wave of optimism amongst the fans that we were on an upward trajectory again. That’s now been killed off by today’s events.

I wouldn’t blame Potter if he walked. He’s given up a great life in Sweden and a safe job to walk into our basket case of a club and this is how he’s rewarded. He has my sympathy, he and the Jack Army deserve far far better than this.