Opposition View – Aston Villa

Steve Green from Aston Villa Review gives us the low-down on Aston Villa ahead of Saturday’s game at Villa Park…

How’s your season been so far?
Is this a trick question? Fear and Loathing in Aston is how I’d best describe it.

You made a lot of signing in the summer, how have they got on?
We brought in a lot of quality young players this time around. These guys are all £8-9m players rather than the £2-3m type from League One that we’ve been used to. You can tell there’s a decent team in there somewhere, but so far they’re all still finding their feet, which is frustrating. Micah Richards has probably been the best of the bunch.

How much of a loss were Christian Benteke and Fabian Delph?
Huge. We lost Ron Vlaar too, so that’s the spine of the team gone. It’s been hard to watch at times and those kind of players could have made a huge difference.

What are the fans thoughts on Tim Sherwood and do you think he could be out of a job if you lose on Saturday?
There are still a few that want to give him a chance. I’m not one of them, I never wanted him in the first place, but we’re stuck in that awkward position now of thinking if the team lose he might go, but also wanting the team to win because, y’know…we support them.

What do you make of Swansea and which players if any do you fear?
I like Swansea but they’re wobbling a bit at the moment. Montero looks terrifying – pace, skill and an end product, and your Ayew brother has certainly settled a lot quicker than ours. A lot of Villa fans will look at the form Swansea are in at the moment and think that this could be a chance to grab some points before we go on a horrible run involving Everton, Spurs and City, but we gift struggling sides with what they need like Christmas presents.

Predict the score and where both teams will finish?
Sorry not touching that one!