Opposition view – Leicester City

We speak to  Chris Forryan from Leicester ’til I die ahead of the Foxes’ visit to the Liberty this Sunday…

How would you describe your season so far?
Ok where do I start? Overall disappointing to put the whole season in one bag. The league has been a disaster whilst the Champions League has been a success. The worse defence of a top flight title since god knows when and whist we didn’t get the most difficult of groups in the Champions League history will always say we won it and came top. Something not many of the big boys managed in their first season in the competition.

It’s very tight at the bottom of the table, how concerned are you about your sides current predicament?
On a scale of 1-10 I would says about 15. 1 point clear of the relegation zone and sinking quicker than the titanic with the iceberg on board what isn’t there to be worried about?

You’re still in the FA Cup and Champions League. Can these competitions provide an upturn in fortune?
We have just beaten Derby’s second string with our second string to make it through in the FA to face Millwall. That shows where Ranieri’s priorities lie. With the Champions League to come against an inform Sevilla side whist they may provide an upturn in fortune if not a happy distraction it may not be for long.

There’s been some unsavoury rumours in the press regarding Claudio Ranieri. Do you think his job is on the line?
The owners have just come out and given him the dreaded vote of confidence, so yes it defiantly is. But for lasts years title win he would have gone by now.

Who have been your star performers and who needs to up their game?
Star performers?? Gray & Chilwell make the future look bright if we can keep hold of them. Who needs to up their game? Pick a squad number, any number…

What do you make of Swansea and which players if any do you fear?
Not happy with you. You are improving whist we are declining in form. Your new manager, is that the 3rd this season?, looks to be slowly turning things around and seeing the second half of your match v Manchester City I would say all of them.

Predict the score and where both teams will finish…
In football speak, this is a real six pointer. Hoping that the FA Cup game made a few of our star names take a good long look at themselves and that you bout of new manager improvement runs out I’ll go for a 2-1 win for Leicester (I never bet against my team)