Opposition View – Liverpool

Thanks to John  Pearman of Red All Over The Land fanzine for answering our questions ahead of Sunday’s clash with Liverpool at the Liberty.

It’s been a big week for Liverpool as a City with the “unlawful killing” verdict at the Hillsborough inquests. What’s the mood like on Merseyside in light of this? 

It’s one of vindication; we’ve been called murderers and many other things, been accused of wallowing in self pity.  Personally I feel anger and hatred that it’s taken so long for what was obviously the truth to come out.  It’s not just concerning the SYP, Sheffield, Wednesday or the piece of shit they call the Sun. The FA and Graham Kelly have to be brought to court, and there are former government ministers, some dead, some not who also aided the cover up. The mood on Merseyside might be also one of relief but this is not over yet.

Moving onto the football and Jurgen Klopp has been in the hot seat at Anfield over 6 months now. How do you think he’s getting on?

The Kaiser is doing great considering what he inherited from Brendan.  Next season will be the time to judge him not this.  He has already won the support over and endeared himself to the Kop.  Given the right tools, he’ll take the club forward.

Who have been your star performers and who needs to up their game? 

Strangely nobody has been that outstanding and those that need to up their game don’t get picked.

There have been rumours linking former Swansea player Joe Allen with a move from Liverpool. How has his form been recently and do you think he’ll be off in the summer? 

He’s grown his hair and a beard so looks different.  Has now learnt to pass the ball forward and is a better player under Jurgen than he was under Brendan.  I don’t know who will be off or not off in the summer, that’s down to Jurgen.

With the Swansea clash being sandwiched between the your two legged Europa League semi final do you think you will rest key players and possibly not be playing at full pelt on Sunday? 

The good thing about Jurgen Klopp is that unlike so many other managers of British sides, he takes the Europa Cup seriously.  In it to win it, so to speak.  BR would have rested half the side for a Europa game but Jurgen won’t.  What has been equally good is that he’s been using the league games to give the Under 21’s time of the field.  That’s something else that wouldn’t have happened previously.  We’ve got a few decent prospects and you’ll see them on Sunday – oh and thanks to the Premier League for the midday start!

What do you make of how Swansea have done this season and which players if any do you fear? 

I think your chairman hit the panic button a bit early.  You’ve got a decent side but I don’t actually fear anyone, and I’d say that regardless of who we were playing – apart from Barca who’ve got that Suarez chap.

How do you see Sunday’s game playing out and predict the score? 

I don’t predict anything but I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get the points