Opposition view – Spurs

​We catch up with Mick Faldo of www.spursweb.com ahead of this weekend’s match… 

After a very successful campaign last time around what were your expectations for 2016/17?

Top four challenge again, a good attempt at getting out of our Moneybags League group and a push for a cup. Any cup. So not going totally to plan thus far with the Champions League ‘campaign’ being particularly woeful and the EFL Cup already consigned to history.

Were you happy with the business you did in the transfer market during the summer?

Sort of. We needed cover in some areas, notably in goal, centre midfield and up front and that was achieved with varying degrees of success but the depth of the squad was weakened by a bit of overenthusiastic clearing out I think. All of Mason, Bentaleb and Chadli are better than what we’ve had on the bench (at least) of late. (Please don’t ask me about Sissoko).

Who have been your star performers and who needs to up their game?

Wanyama, Walker, Rose, Vertonghen and Lloris have been excellent, Kane, Alderweireld, Lamela, Dembele and Alli have all been injury affected and everyone else needs to ‘up their game’ most notably Eriksen, Janssen and Dier. (Please don’t ask me about Sissoko). This will be the final season at White Hart Lane. 

How do you feel about leaving and are you excited about the move next door?

I don’t want to go and wish that we could’ve expanded WHL if it was felt that progress was impossible without expansion. The identikit characterless modern stadium is a curse on the game. Having said that… the new ground is growing at a pace and it’s hard not to feel a tinge of excitement at the prospect of us playing there. What’s been constructed so far is already big enough that it appears to dwarf aspects of the current ground and its location is such that it appears to be eating it week by week! Or perhaps I’ve just been having too many fizzy tasteless lagers before each game.

Before your move you will spend next season at Wembley. Is your poor recent record there a concern?

Too right. I have never liked it there (see comment re identikit and characterless above) and have started praying to the God Of Sinkholes to do his stuff before next August.

What do you make if Swansea so far this term?

Am a bit surprised that things haven’t gone better. I would guess that given a bit of time Bradley will be able to organise the defence and Llorente’s a class act so should get 15-20 goals. I think you’ll stay up – both Burnley and Middlesbrough will come back towards you and Hull, West Ham, Palace and Sunderland are poor.

Predict the score and where both teams will finish… 

2-0 to the home team (Kane and Alli).

I’m feeling optimistic – Us 4th, you between 14th and 17th.