We can’t go on like this

After the summer transfer window shut I declared it as a disaster as four players departed with only one coming in, leaving us woefully short in certain positions and those players didn’t even depart for the money that we should have received for them.

This window would have been worse if the club had got their way. It’s only because Dan James’ move to Leeds and Leroy Fer’s switch to Villa fell through that it isn’t as bad.

As it turned out only three (when you’re saying only three like it’s not that many, you know the situation is ridiculous) that departed with Wilfried Bony heading to the Middle East, Jefferson Montero to West Brom and Tom Carroll to Villa.

All three were on loan so all we are saving is their wages for the rest of the season which in football terms is small amount.

Let’s say both Carroll and Montero are in around 50k a week then we will only save just over £1 million for the rest of the season and in Bony’s case we will save over £2million.

So roughly £4million has been saved and it has left us short in several positions and unsurprisimgly there were no replacements for the players who moved on.

I worked out last night that since the end of last season, seven players have been sold, six have gone on loan, three returned to their parent clubs, one left on a free, one was released and one has retired. That’s nineteen players who were around the first team – a truly staggering amount.

In that time we’ve made only four signings for the first team and one player has joined on loan. Therefore nearly four times as many players have left as have arrived which is unbelievable.

And don’t forget two extra players would have departed if the club had got their way. One of them being James, a player we hoped would be part a key part of our rebuild and yet we were willing to more or less give him away which is a disgrace.

Enough is enough now. It was already for many of us but things must change at Swansea City and quickly. After the latest shambolic events I’m expecting the likes of McBurnie, Celina, Rodon and Roberts to leave on the next deadline day for a pittance with no replacements.

Various protests have been suggested throughout the tenure of Levien and Kaplan but I think too many people are happy to vent on twitter but not willing to doing anything meaningful. It’s time for that to change.

If you’re that disillusioned by the club then the first step you need to take is to join the Supporters Trust. I know some of you have lost faith in the organisation since the takeover but hear me out. There are dates set for the trust to mediate with Levien, Kaplan and the previous regime to try and sort out their differences. This will take place on 28th February and 1st March and if there is no progress the matter will go to a consultation and ultimately a vote of trust members on how to proceed. I think the trust would have preferred this to be a lot sooner but they have been acting on legal advice rather than not being proactive.

One of those options is legal action against the American consortium and I think we’ve reached the stage where this is the only option. When the vote came around last time I reluctantly voted for the trust to accept the offer from Levien and Kaplan for their shares as I felt it was the least worst option.

However after that happened they tried to change the terms of the deal and dragged out signing it and in the end the trust pulled the plug. These men cannot be trusted. The reason they’ve dragged out mediation is in my opinion to try and make the trust spend a fortune in legal fees in the hope that they won’t be able to see this through to court and hoping the apathy among the fans means we lose interest.

We can’t let that happen, a vote for legal action would give the trust an opportunity to gain millions in court if a judge finds in our favour and based on what the trust have been told they have a strong case for unfair prejudice. If successful in court, that money could be used for when this all goes tits up with the potential to then buy back into the club at a later date.

Legal action is drastic but we can’t carry on as things are, this club is having the soul sucked out of it and we have to try and change that.

So don’t delay, join the trust now here’s the link https://www.swanstrust.co.uk/join-the-trust/ and do it ASAP because once the consultation period starts they are likely to stop new members from voting.

Most of you will happily spend over £400 on a season ticket so £10 to join the trust is nothing, and that money will give you a say on how things will play out and quite frankly I can’t think of anything more important than that.

It’s far better than moaning on twitter and doing nothing.