We need a miracle this time

It’s difficult to even know where to begin anymore. If I was going to do a blog focusing on the good things about Swansea City right now it would be over within one paragraph.

I’ve had a season ticket since 1997 and I’ve never felt so disillusioned by the club. On the pitch we’re one of the most boring sides to watch I’ve ever seen at any level with a squad of players out of their depth in the Premier League and off it we’re a complete mess with the owners who have their priorities in the wrong place, a chairman with too much power making constant mistakes and a supporters trust in its worst state since its formation in 2001.

The worst thing for me is that I see things getting considerably worse in the near and distant future. Relegation looks a certainty this time, we were very lucky to get away with the mistakes we made last summer and only survived because Gylfi Sigurdsson and Fernando Llorente made the difference for us going forward.

Selling Sigurdsson and not replacing him was an unbelievably naive decision. It was obvious he would be a huge loss and we sold him for a massive fee so there was no excuse to not replace him. That’s us these days though, make a profit in the transfer market whilst weakening the squad and aim to finish 17th.

This team would not pull up any tress in the Championship in my opinion. I certainly don’t think we’d be challenging for promotion back to the Premier League.

Paul Clement has undoubtedly been dealt a bad hand by the club but at the same time he should have been fired now. He has no idea what his best side or formation is and blames just about everyone and everything else for our predicament. He needs to take responsibility and to understand that to win games you need to create chances. The fact that we’ve failed to score in nine games and not had a shot on target four games is disgusting. But nothing could be as embarrassing as Kurt Zouma having more efforts on target in November than us. That fact alone is enough to fire him.

And even though we have a bad side a new manager would undoubtedly get us playing better. If Brendan Rodgers can turn Mark Gower into the most creative player in Europe it just shows what can be achieved with the right man in charge. No bringing Rodgers back was a huge mistake and one we are still paying the price for. We’ll never get him back now and I really don’t know who realistically would take this job. We have a poor squad and you have to be a yes man which probably makes it as unappealing as a Premier league job gets.

Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien have been at the club for around 18 months now and I struggle to see how they’ve helped us move forward as a club in the slightest. They’ve invested nothing in the club, the only money spent has been to buy the shares. Their priorities have been buying the stadium to make money from the naming rights and so we can expand but they seriously need to rethink that. When we go down we will struggle to sell the seats we have now let alone if we add more. That money is desperately needed for the team after years of criminal under investment. I live in hope that some rich benefactor will come in and give them their money back so we never have to see them again but we won’t be so lucky.

Huw Jenkins said we needed the takeover to take us to the next level. Did he mean the Championship? Because that’s where we are heading. I think it’s time for him to go, he has too much power and has consistently made bad decisions over the last couple of years. He’s achieved a lot for us but that doesn’t mean he should have a job for life. He should be replaced by a chief executive who’s worked in football previously.

This person should also have no say in transfers at all apart from if we can’t afford certain deals. The manager MUST have the final say on this. Reading between the lines Clement didn’t want to sell Cork and it’s fairly obvious he didn’t want Mesa. Situations like this prove our transfer policy is flawed.

Jenkins has said he would explain some of his actions but he has failed to so far and pretty much refuses to do interviews. All he does is patronise us by saying as fans we’re not helping the situation at home games. The nerve of him to do that is outrageous, the reason  we’re struggling is because of under investment in the playing squad which is so blindingly obvious.

Everyone at the club seems to have their heads buried in the sands to our current predicament. Leigh Dineen yesterday said on twitter that we are in a strong position off the pitch. Well if that’s the case again I have to ask the question why did we not use that strong position to bring in better players?

It’s become very frustrating how the regime is getting a fairly easy ride off the press. With the exception of the Guardian’s Stuart James who has been rightly critical of the decisions being made from the hierarchy there has been very little to no criticisms which is so frustrating.

Are the press scared of rocking the boat and getting banned? I understand that they have to work closely with the club but at the same time if things are going badly then the duty is to report it and do some digging. We’re not seeing that at all and it’s creating the impression that despite our bad form that all is well at Swansea when we all know that it really is not.

The Supporters Trust has lost two chairmen in a matter of weeks and where it goes from here is anyone’s guess. The organisation has been brought to its knees by the actions of those at the top of the club.

It feels as if the all the fantastic work at the club over the last decade and a half is slowly but surely being destroyed and there’s little we can do to stop it. Big changes are needed from top to bottom at Swansea City if we are to prosper again, I won’t hold my breath on them happening any time soon.