We Want Answers!

Over the weekend we finally had confirmation that Jason Levein and Steve Kaplan have purchased a controlling stake in Swansea City. We have still largely been kept in the dark though about various things since the original story linking them with the club broke two months ago. Below I have a list of questions that we the fans want answered by Levein and Kaplan as soon as possible. Until then I remain highly sceptical of this deal.

Why have you decided to purchase a controlling stake in Swansea City FC and what are your plans for the club?

What percentage of the club have you purchased, from who have you purchased shares and what are the current new percentages of shares held by each shareholder?

If you are representing a consortium of people can you reveal who they all are and how much money each investor has invested in the deal?

Will there be any changes at boardroom level once this deal has been ratified?

Whose money has been used to purchase the shares?

Was the money used to purchase the shares borrowed?

A statement on the club website suggest Huw Jenkins will remain in an executive role at the club. If that means he’s no longer chairman who will be taking on that role?

How do you view the Supporters Trust and will you give assurances including that no debt will be placed onto the club on the new shareholders agreement?

How much of a hands on role will you be taking in the club?

Along with the sale of shares have extra voting rights been passed over to yourselves? (Specifically do they have 75.1% of the voting rights?

Are there any current plans to invest into the playing squad and to fund stadium expansion?

Will we be linking up with any American sides in football or other sports like DC United?

It’s not unreasonable to expect to know the answers to the above questions and we feel the information is long overdue. Over to you gentlemen