Snippets from the fans forum

On Wednesday 22nd February there was a fans forum at the Liberty featuring Paul Clement, Nigel Gibbs, Karl Halabi, Claude Makelele, Leon Britton and Jack Cork as well as members from the Supporters Trust. Here are some snippets from that meeting…

Paul Clement took most of the questions – he started off by saying that he’s 100% certain he’s made right decision to come here, he’s had a great welcome and is happy with the start we’ve made but there’s a lot more to be done.

He was then asked about transfer policy at the club – Recruitment is in collaboration with a number of people including the owners, chairman, scouts ask for manager’s input. The decisions are then taken by the group. Paul added we have made four good signings in January that have improved the squad.

Manager was asked about appointment, said he’d been in talks with club twice before. They’d approached him this time and if he hadn’t got it this time he doesn’t think he would have come here in the future.

Clement said objective is 17th or higher and that he is working game to game as it’s naive to look further than that at this stage. He believed we will finish above 17th if we carry on as we are.

Clement sensed frustration in club from players and fans as performances and results haven’t gone our way. Fans support is big help and he can sense change in mood at club since arrival.

Manager was also asked about moving Sigurdsson back into number 10 role – answer was he can play in a few positions and has great attitude and intelligence. At the moment he’s wide left in 4-3-3 but we have a plan b to move him inside in a 4-2-3-1.

View from the manager on the cups is it’d be fantastic to have a good cup run next year and was disappointed to exit to Hull in January.

Nathan Dyer is out for 6-9 months with his Achilles injury.

Clement said main thing he learnt from Derby sacking was that you never get as much time as you think you will. He’s now more confident and determined.

Nigel Gibbs sets team up at set pieces – He said 30% of goals are scored from them and it’s very important to be organised and down to players to carry out instructions which they are doing well. Gylfi is one of best at taking them in country and we have players who can attack the ball well.

Claude Makelele said he loved football and it would be a pleasure to help Swansea. Added we have good players and with confidence and attitude we’ll improve. Leon talked about how Makelele has a position named after him and how it’s unbelievable to have him here. Cork said he used to watch him when he was a young player at Chelsea and any advice he receives from him we will take on board.

Jack Cork revealed we lacked confidence and were confused on what to do under previous regime. We now have both back again and it’s been a great start to the new year

Leon was asked about managing the Swans and would what happened with Monk put him off – said he believes Monk still has respect of fans despite what happened which drew round of applause. He speaks to him regularly and has fond memories of club. Leon not sure on management, says ideally though he’d like to stay at Swansea when he finishes playing.

He was also asked would he play for Wales if eligible said he was glad Wales did well and supports them when England aren’t playing but considers himself English.

Trust Questions – Will there be a fans forum with Americans and Jenkins. Answer is it’s pencilled in for April 3rd, this will be confirmed shortly.

Sale of shares – If the trust sell their shares there will be a vote, this isn’t likely to happen in near future.

Phil Sumbler says although on outside it seems like things haven’t improved they have on inside of club. Cites inclusion on Bradley sacking and Clement hiring as example

Talks on sale of stadium not progressed too far. Buying and leasing remain options.

Phil said Andre Ayew wanted to leave the Swans in December 2015 and arguably wanted to move on more or less as soon as he signed. Ashley Williams also wanted to leave, Americans tried to persuade him to stay.

Transfer business has been poor for last couple of years, reason being shareholders were more interesting in selling shares than recruiting well. Huw Jenkins admitted he took his eye of the ball.