Five things from Chelsea away

The season started with a bang yesterday as the Swans produced a fantastic performance at Stamford Bridge, here’s five things from the game

The Tannoy Announcer
Can someone please politely tell him in future to keep his voice down. Anyone who was in the stadium 15 minutes before kick off I’m sure will understand what I mean here. When he was talking about the Chelsea youth team and then announcing the team he was deafening. Honestly mate just keep it down, there really is no need to blast out a normal announcement.

Spoilt brat
I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know I’m talking about Diego Costa here. A man so arrogant that he expects the referee to give him every single decision going. Federico Fernandez’s tackle on him when he was in on goal was brilliant yet he was complaining for a penalty which it most certainly was not. All he did all afternoon was moan, horrible bloke.

Viva Montero
I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that he was my man of the match. The way he took Branislav Ivanovic apart was incredible. I think if he hadn’t had to go off we may well have won the game, he was in breathtaking form. Let’s hope we can keep him fit this term, he can make the difference for us.

I know they had 10 men (the right decision in my opinion but that’s another debate) but for us to see Kurt Zouma replace Cesc Fabregas shows that Jose Mourinho was scared of losing yesterday. This along with trying to deflect the attention onto the Chelsea physio says everything we need to know. He was impressed by us, even if he didn’t admit it in the media afterwards.

Bad luck doesn’t stop us
Their second goal was extremely lucky, we lost Ki to injury and Montero to cramp and yet it didn’t derail us at all. Many clubs may well have accepted it wasn’t their day after those incidents but not us. Carry on like yesterday and the sky is the limit!