Five things from Southampton (a)

Here’s five talking points from a bad day at the office on the south coast yesterday…

Set pieces again!
Sick of talking about set pieces but I have to again. 1st goal was as basic as it comes. Good ball in, centre back makes a normal run, beats our man to it, goal. Too easy fir my liking

Ineffective diamond
When we play a midfield diamond we aren’t as creative going forward which is fine when you manage to keep things tight. However if we go behind it can be a struggle to create much which proved to be the case in the first half. We must avoid giving away such daft goals when we line up like this.

Gomis was born offside
This is really starting to wind me up now, he really needs to cut this out. I’m assuming it was a key factor in why he was substituted at half time.

Backsides need a kick
I think a few players now need to be dropped from the eleven as they are not delivering. I’d like to see Leon Britton, Jefferson Montero, and Eder all start next weekend.

I should stay at home
We’ve played at St Mary’s five times, I’ve been to four of them and of course the one I didn’t go to is the only one that has seen us leave with three points. Maybe i should give this one a miss next term.